About Printagreat

Printagreat offers you the easiest and quickest way to print your Instagram photos. Great prints, no shipping costs & fast delivery. That's our philosophy!

The start of an Instagram experience
Every company has its own story to tell and so does Printagreat. It all started on a rainy Sunday afternoon when we, as Instagram lovers, encountered a problem. Instagram photos are great; they bring back the retro feeling into the digital world. Still we missed something, an emptiness, Instagrams are only visible on your smartphone, and we missed the feeling of real photos in our hand. The idea for Printagreat was born, back to the analog era and making it #tangiblememories. Printagreat offers you the opportunity to print your favorite Instagram photos easy and fast.


Tangible Instagram photo memories
When the idea was there, a plan was quickly made. It soon became clear that the project was not an evening project anymore. There was a lot of work to do. Fortunately we had the summer of 2012 the time to work almost full time on the project and finally, early in August, the result was there. After many sleepless nights with tinkering on the website, packaging, photographs, etc. everything was finally ready to go live. We are ready to transform your Instagrams from digital photos to tangible memories.

Our products and services
At Printagreat you can get your Instagram photos in 10 x10cm / 4" x 4"  photo prints or printing your photos on canvas. For the photo prints we use 300 gram matte photo paper to cover the retro feeling.

Snap. Print. Great.

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